Here we go with Round 2 of "Where in Thunderhawk Game tm"

Guess where this is and send an e-mail for a chance to win a mistory prize that will be given out in the spring!

This one seems impossable to me. Copy this into your e-mail address bar.

Gueese are comming in.

The Harroun family: Guess that the pic is a shed/ garage in the back by Bobs cabin.

Dan and Traci Mellema: These pics are very tough. I even got the expert on this one.....Traci. She (we) guess that its the phone line going to Bob and Cheri's place. Hard to tell with all that beautiful snow.

Tim and Peg Jenvey: Ok, this is a guess-Power coming into cement block building by the B-ball hoop.

Jeff Schmidt: I would have to agree with Harroun family and say that this is on one of the storage garages behind Bob’s cabin.

The Answer is................................. A cable between Roger & Shirley Harroun's and Jim & Renee' Harroun's trailer.

Here is the next one! It's a stumper!!! 


"Fuzzy" AKA Steve: Hey! Check out the rabbit tracks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              NO!! Stumper! not Thumper!!
Jeff Schmidt: It’s the stump between the lake and Bass Lake Rd. and between where the boat trailers are stored and our trailer. Do I need to be more specific?
 Your Close Jeff so Close.
OK the answer is??  between the north row drive and Wayne Eller's trailer!

Ok here is the next one!! 

Jeff Schmidt:  I believe this would be at ??. Merry Christmas everyone.

The Harroun Family: the new picture is at ???

The answer is up by Bob and Sheri’s cabin.

Here is the next one. Good Luck! 


Harroun's: Guess in front of the park between the dumpest and Cal's place,  the gullie.

Dan and Traci M: Is it the new SEA WALL?? Really have no clue. We have to pay more attention to our surroundings.

Tim & Peg Jenvey: We think it looks like the compost pile under that snow.

Jeff Schmidt: No clue but going to guess that it is between the storage garages and Mike and Kim Johnson’s trailer.

Ok the answer is: From the north row by Wayne Eller's looking at Amber & Brian's garage roof (really, if you look, you can see the straight line.

Ok here is the next one! ???? 

Nick Strunk:  facing the ???and that ????taken next to the ??? trailer next to the the ???

Jeff Schmidt: I’m not sure what trailer it is taken next to. I would have to guess 3 or 4 down from ?? facing the ?? next to the ???.

Answer: Facing the basketball court and that storage room.

This one is to easy but oh well!! No smart remarks, JEFF!!

 Jeff Schmidt: Doug and Bob slow chair dancing in Steve and Lynne’s basement to Free Bird. I guess they couldn’t decide who was going to lead so they stayed in their chairs.

Tim and Peg Jenvey: OK, this looks like Lynne & Steve's basement.

Jamie Harroun: lol in the basement of steve and lynn .

Nick Strunk: im not 100% sure but i think its in my uncles basement just maybe.

You are all Correct!

Here is the next one??? 

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