Jodi Helms Benefit

  I am still amazed and very thankful for all of the friends, family and bands that came to help us celebrate Jodi's life. It was just amazing the amount of people that attended and the generosity of everybody still boggles my mind.
    With the help of everyone that attended and some that couldn't make the event, we were able to raise over $5,300. This will finish paying off Jodi's funeral expenses, pay for a modest head stone for her grave as well as help Amy and Katie purchase books for the up coming semester of college.
    I'd like to thank all the bands that donated their time and talent for this effort. Those bands are, The Gitchel Family Band, Theory of None, Stu Carpenter and the New Role Models and The Scott Roberts Blues Band. Also a special thanks to all of my band mates from The "Oh Brother" Band.
    I just receive an E-mail from Wayne Mansfield from Theory of None that I would like to share.

    You and the rest of the Oh Brother boys did one hell of job celebrating Jodi's life. I'm very proud to say I was a part of that! Jodi would have been proud that so many people turned out to support her girls and celebrate her life. Thanks for allowing Theory of None to participate.
    I'd love to know how successful the benefit was! If we've got to do it again than damn it, we'll have another hell raising good time!
        Thanks again!
        Wayne Mansfield
        Theory of None

    As Wayne stated not only should he be proud of what we all accomplished but every one that attended, played and donated to this cause should be very proud.
    I can't possible name everybody I'd like to thank, so I will just say as humbly as I can..........Thank You All from the bottom of our hearts.
Fuzzy and The "Oh Brother" Band

Rock On,
The "Oh Brother" Band

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